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SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape

Whether you’re a professional athlete or suffering from chronic pain, SpiderTech’s latex-free and breathable cotton kinesiology tape is created to reduce inflammation and support muscles while you go through your everyday activities.

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Superiority of the i-STRIP

Easy Access & Storage

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Protective re-useable metal case ensures every strip is in perfect condition.
Fits well in any bag.

Superiority of the i-STRIP

Highest Quality Kinesiology Tape

Made in Canada

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Stronger and stiffer backing paper
Protected edges eliminates delamination
Designed to medical grade specifications

Superiority of the i-STRIP

Easiest Kinesiology Tape to Apply

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Clearly marked and perforated tear lines for consistent application
Easily applied to any body part in seconds

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

Kinesiology tape is a thin, cotton material with an adhesive on one side that is meant to mimic the human skin both in elasticity and thickness. It is made to support joints and muscles in order to encourage and promote the body’s natural healing processes. Many people don’t know that kinesiology tape is not only for athletic performance but has many other uses that can benefit your health and improve your quality of life.