Kinesiology tape is a thin, cotton material with an adhesive on one side that is meant to mimic the human skin both in elasticity and thickness. It is made to support joints and muscles in order to encourage and promote the body’s natural healing processes. For 50 years, kinesiology tape has been used all over the body and commonly used facially for headaches, sinus pain to protect the skin from extremely cold winds and prevent cold damage while skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc. Still, many people are unaware of the innovative uses for kinesiology tape that can benefit health and improve quality of life. Below, we give you some benefits of using kinesiology tape on your face.

Kinesiology Tape Face Technique

Kinesiology Tape as a Face Mask


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Kinesiology tape can be comfortably used as a face mask that acts as a physical barrier between your mouth/nose and the outside world. Our kinesiology tape, when used as a face mask, provides a breathable, cotton filter that forms perfectly to any face, regardless of size or shape with a latex-free acrylic adhesive that seals effectively and comfortably around the nose and mouth.

 cycling knee support

(A close up look at the kinesiology tape air vents)

 Best Kinesiology Tape

(Schematics from the original patent)

Kinesiology tape has built-in air vents between the glue lines, which can be altered for the desired breathability.

The tape has the same elasticity as human skin and moves frictionlessly with the skin in every direction for comfort and effectiveness. The tape is inexpensive, can be easily applied and removed, and you can cut into any shape you like that is comfortable for you. Build unique and fun designs that define you!

Kinesiology Tape And Wrinkles

Habitual facial expression over time can lead to wrinkles as the skin loses elasticity. Frown lines and crow’s feet are common examples and result from repetitive and sustained facial postures.

The Pros Of Kinesiology Tape For The Face

While kinesiology tape’s origins are in sports medicine and are commonly used facially for headaches and sinus pain.  It has since made its way into other genres including cosmetology. SpiderTech kinesiology tape can help increase fluid circulation in the affected areas by lifting the skin and gradually smoothing out wrinkles.
Advantages Include:  

  • Kinesiology Tape is Effective: Taping can help you reduce the visibility of wrinkles and smooth deep nasolabial folds. 
  • Kinesiology Tape is Affordable: Spidertech is 100x less expensive than cosmetic procedures and some anti-age cosmetics. With kinesiology tape, you can keep your face looking young and fresh at a very low cost. 
  • Kinesiology Tape is Safe: The likelihood of having an allergic reaction is very low as  Spidertech tape is made exclusively out of cotton, containing no synthetic materials and we have two hypoallergenic adhesive options, water and acrylic based.