Extra Wide Roll

Your favourite kinesiology tape, now in XL and XXL sizes. Get the widest kinesiology tape available on the market! Simply cut into any shape for larger areas of the body, or use to make your own do-it-yourself face cover.

As low as $19.99


XL & XXL Rolls

  • 4” and 6” widths
  • Continuous roll
  • Customizable
  • DIY face mask
  • Wider effective areas
  • Versatile placement

SpiderTech Kinesiology Tape

  • Hypoallergenic
  • High-Grade cotton-elastic material
  • 100% poly-acrylic adhesive
  • Prevent injury
  • Sleep better
  • Recover faster
  • Water-resistant
  • Latex-free


XL - 4 Inch Wide Rolls

Product Measurement (Width x Length)

100mm x 5m

4" x 16.4'


XXL - 6 Inch Wide Rolls

Product Measurement (Width x Length)

150mm x 5m

6" x 16.4'

How to Apply

How To Make And Apply A Kinesiology Tape Face Mask

Apply/Remove Wide Kinesiology Tape Roll Mask


How do you remove the mask?
– Just stretch the skin and pull gently.

Do you need folded Kleenex attached to it?
– You may use anything that’s comfortable on our lips. Breathable material like Kleenex, or gauze or a cloth or even a padding.

Is it a finished/assembled product or do people need to construct themselves?
– it is a DIY face mask. Be creative and make any style of face mask that fits and represents you, or use the kinesiology tape for any other part of your body.

What if I experience breathing issues?
– If you experience ANY breathing issues while wearing the mask, remove the mask IMMEDIATELY.

Please note, the skin on the face may be a more sensitive than the rest of the body (due to: oily skin, dry skin, acne). Peeling product off the face requires different technique than removing Spidertech from arms, legs, shoulders etc.