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face protection strips face protection strips

Face Protection Strips

Protect the sensitive skin on your face with a gentle kinesiology mini i-STRIPS from Spidertech.

As low as $35.00


Due to the recent pandemic, our Healthcare Professionals are under the toughest conditions. They have no choice but to wear a face protection mask to protect themselves. Prolonged use of facemask is taking its toll on their skin and face.

Now there is a solution to face mask skin damage & irritation. By combining masks with our gentle Kinesiology tape, you can protect your skin! Our gentle material is made for the sensitive skin on your face. Gently rub to activate the adhesive. Simply apply the mask of your choice on the strips. Remove and reapply masks as needed without removing the strips.

Benefits include:

  • Protects your sensitive skin on your face from injury, irritation and scarring caused by continuously adjusting face masks
  • Easy adherence of face masks
  • Gentle for the sensitive skin on your face
  • Mini i-STRIP across the bridge of your nose also helps improve your breathing

Please note, the skin on the face may be more sensitive than the rest of the body (due to oily skin, dry skin, acne). Peeling off the face requires a different technique than removing Spidertech from arms, legs, shoulders etc.


Product Measurement (Width x Length)

2.5cm x 15cm

1" x 6"

How to Apply

How To Apply The Protective Gentle Mini i-STRIPS