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i-STRIPS Gaming Gear

The original versatile strip, your ultimate companion for gaming success! Let your muscles move with you, and give them the support they deserve!

Targets: Forearm, Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back

As low as $19.99


Manufactured in Toronto, Canada.

The SpiderTech i-STRIPS Kinesiology tape provides great muscle support and feels comfortable on your body. Our SpiderTech i-STRIPS Kinesiology tape delivers performance that is measurably superior to other cotton-based Kinesiology Tape products.

Gamers use our kinesiology i-STRIPS tape as a muscle support system to protect against inflammation and to help play for long hours without pain.

Our kinesiology i-STRIPS tape is easy to apply and will stay in place when you are playing your favourite video game. Keep your muscles supported with our latex-free kinesiology tape.

The SpiderTech i-STRIPS Kinesiology tape comes in a reusable protective metal case that will ensure every strip remains in the best condition possible.

Easy and Simple. Just Snap, Stick and Go.


Product Measurement (Width x Length)

5cm x 20cm

2" x 8"

How to Apply