Premium FaceWear

Designed with the trendsetter in mind! SpiderTech is excited to announce our Limited edition, Camo and Animal Print Strapless FaceWear.

Since they are strapless, there is no more having to worry about foggy glasses or fumbling with ear loops or straps.

Made from cotton, these standout masks will have you walking in style.

They are lightweight and breathable, which allow for a comfortable fit. It comes preinstalled with a shield to protect against droplets and particles.

Each pack comes with a variety of print designs. Order yours today while stock lasts!

*** Due to overwhelming demand, the Camo Multipack is sold out. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed about future releases.

Our standard color masks are available and can be purchased here.

As low as $25.00


  • This is a non-medical mask
  • Wax paper shield
  • Strapless comfort
  • Anti-fog for eyewear
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • Non-stretch cotton material
  • 100% poly-acrylic adhesive
  • Sweat-resistant


Product Measurement (Width x Length)

10cm x 23cm

4" x 9"

How to Apply

How to Adjust

How to Remove


Can you adjust the stickiness of the glue?
Yes you can do this in two ways:
1) Trim around the SpiderTech FaceWear to lessen the adhesive area. Just make sure not to cut through the center liner.
2) Simply touch the glue in the area where you want less adhesion. Note that the glue loses its strength the more you touch it. It reacts differently on all skin as some skin is dry, some oily, some with makeup, etc.

How do you remove the FaceWear?
When removing the FaceWear, start in the upper right or left corner. With one hand, pull your exposed skin beside the mask towards your ear, tightening your skin. With the other hand, gently roll the corner of the mask down and in towards your mouth. Repeat on the opposite side and then gently roll the mask down the bridge of your nose.

Can the face mask be worn with facial hair?
Our FaceWear is great for people with facial hair; because the bottom strip of filter paper can remain attached covering the adhesive, you can wear it like a face shield and avoid uncomfortable pressure on your facial hair.

How long can you wear the mask for?
The FaceWear can be worn the entire day. It can be removed and reapplied. Just note that every time you remove the mask, the adhesive will lose some strength. If you take it off for longer than 10 minutes, we suggest you re-apply a new FaceWear.

Are the masks reusable and can it be washed?
The FaceWear is for one-time use and is disposable. It is not washable or reusable.

What is the shield made of?
The droplet shield in our FaceWear is the backing paper of our kinesiology tape. The backing is a wax paper that works exceptionally well shielding droplets and particles. The mask has been independently lab tested and proved to have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of over 99%.

How does it compare with the N95 mask?
SpiderTech FaceWear is a different type of mask and as a result, can not be compared to an N95 or other respirator masks. Our FaceWear acts like a shield over your nose and mouth providing an effective protective barrier. Respirator masks effectively filter the air as it comes into the mask.

What if I find it hard to breathe in the mask?
The FaceWear provides the option to seal the bottom of the mask or to leave it open allowing it to act as a face shield. The face shield option provides excellent protection and breathes even easier than the fully sealed option.

What if the adhesive irritates my Skin?
SpiderTech uses a high-quality acrylic, hypoallergenic adhesive designed to be worn on sensitive facial skin, however, a low percentage of people will still experience a sensitivity reaction. If you are one of the people who has a reaction to the adhesive, please remove the mask immediately; unfortunately, the SpiderTech FaceWear isn’t for you.